Prefabricated house 11 500.-EUR + VAT

Prefabricated house 87 – price 11500.-€

Prefabricated house / House shell / price 11 500.-€ + VAT

Prefabricated house 87– dimensions 8,46m x 11,0m available – IN STOCK



elementmaja_87_1 elementmaja_87_2 elementmaja_87_5

The delivery set includes:
Insulated exterior walls / Price: 7 000.-€ + VAT
– Facade with wooden cladding UTV 18x145x4200 Spruce AB – 1 x primed
– 30x45mm ventilation
– Wind barrier DELTA
– Wooden frame C24 / 45x195mm with a gap of 600mm
– 200mm insulation (wool)
– Vapor barrier 0,2mm
– Joints for walls



Material for interior walls / Price: 500.-€ + VAT (the position of interior walls can be changed on request)

– Wooden frame C24 / 45x95mm with a gap of 600mm
– Joints for the frame



Roof construction / Price: 2 500.-€ + VAT
– 30x45mm battens
– Roofing foil
– Rafters
– Fixings



Windows and terrace doors, White PVC / U = 1,20 W/m²K / price: 1 500.-€



Delivery and mounting (optional): Price on request

Additional information and questions:



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